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  • Sync your data across all devices
  • Automatic backups keep your data safe
  • Unlimited sharing with friends and family
  • Bank grade security keeps you safe
  • Priority support gives you the help you need
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See what others are saying about Password Boss

Michelle Garrett

“I love how my passwords synchronize to my phone, and I feel more secure knowing that only I can access my passwords.”

Tom Thomas

“Passwords are a hassle. Finally there is any easy way to keep track of all of my accounts that is secure and easy to use. Great job!”

Susan Hames

“Password Boss makes it easy to keep track of my passwords. I've tried other password managers and this is the best.”

With Password Boss Premium you get

  • Store unlimited passwords

    Store as many usernames and password as you want, we don't limit you.

  • Synchronize across devices

    Easy access to passwords and personal data anytime, anywhere.

  • Global storage choices

    Choose where in the world to store your encrypted data, and move it anytime you like.

  • Remote delete for lost devices

    Easily delete data from a lost or stolen device without losing a secure backup copy.

  • Bank-grade security

    Password Boss is built with 256-bit AES encryption, the same level of security used by banks.

  • 2-Step verification

    Add an additional layer of security for your passwords and personal information.

  • Account recovery

    Forgot your master password? No problem. Restore your account to your previous master password.

  • Secure cloud backups

    Get automatic, encrypted backups of your passwords, credit cards, and other account details.

  • Unlimited secure sharing

    Share any item in your account with anyone you trust - no limits.

  • Priority support

    Need help? Get priority support from the Password Boss support team.

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