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Creates unique, uncrackable passwords that are different for every site.

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“So easy to use”

“I don’t know what I would do without Password Boss. It makes my life so much easier and automatic logging into websites is fantastic.” Michelle G.

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“This is really a great app. Finally I can stop trying to remember all of my passwords or writing them down. Password Boss does it all for me.” Tom T.

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“Love Password Boss and trust it. I have over 200 passwords and trying to remember a different password for every site is impossible without it” Susan H.

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Save a password once and it is automatically sent to all of your devices. Setup is easy, whether you are on a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Simplify online shopping

Automatically fill in online forms with payment details and shipping details with a single click or tap making checkouts effortless.

Safely store digital records

Your digital life is more than just passwords, save all of your ID’s, insurance cards, notes, and anything else that is important.

Easy password sharing

Safely and easily share your passwords and other saved items with trusted family and friends.

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The full suite of Password Boss’ easy to use software for all of your devices (Windows, iOS, Android)
Unlimited password storage
Unlimited devices on your account
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2-step verification
Unlimited sharing of passwords
Strong encryption with AES-256
Create unique passwords for every website
Save your digital records
Simple online shopping will fill all your payment details and shipping details
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30-day money-back guarantee
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