Partner with the leader in SMB password security

Build your business and protect your customers most sensitive data.

Managed Service Providers

The largest security threat customers face is from password security. Help your customers close this gap by providing the security they need.

The Password Boss Partner Program brings industry leading password protection to MSPs for the first time. Password Boss gives you a complete solution for your customer’s passwords and helps them to increase security while reducing their risks from security breaches. A perfect fit in your MSP service profile.

MSP Management Portal

Easy and efficiently access every client, user and device from a centralized multi-tenant portal. Your team can move fast and add new clients in minutes, keeping installation and support cost to a minimum.
  • Customer Health Reports is a great addition to your quarterly customer reviews
  • Dark Web scans show who is using hacked passwords

Resellers and VARs

Industry leading password security, fast to deploy and easy to use, means satisfied customers and higher profits.

Why Partner with Password Boss?

Our award-winning password manager protects your clients sensitive data while growing your profits with high margins
  • Highest margins

    With margins up to 50% you’ll grow your security practice and widen your current offerings.
  • Easy to deploy

    Automated deployments with your favorite RMM lets you deploy quickly.
  • Centralized management

    Our partner portal is built for easy management and configuration of every client and every device.
  • Increase revenue, not costs

    Password Boss can actually reduce your support calls for lost passwords and password resets.
  • Sales and marketing tools

    Ready to go marketing tools get you started fast.
  • Support and training

    Pre-sales support through deployment, our team is with you every step of the way.

Partner Benefits At-A-Glance

Industry leading password security, fast to deploy and easy to use,
means satisfied customers and higher profits.


  • Financial

    • 25-50% Margins
    • Partner Portal
    • Monthly billing
    • Partner exclusive promotions
    • FastRamp revenue
    • High returns
  • Sales

    • Dedicated channel manager
    • Dedicated sales engineer
    • 30 day trials for your customers
    • NFRs / In-house software
    • Sales & technical training
    • Customer videos
  • Marketing

    • Marketing Collateral
    • Competitor comparisons
    • Lead referral
    • Press releases
    • Web content