Password Boss v2.0 Release Notes

Released November 15, 2016


  • Completely updated UI on all platforms – PC, iOS and Android
  • Lots of great new features
  • More accurate form filling on web pages
  • Synchronization between devices is faster.
  • Emergency access


What’s New

Streamlined Interface – The interface on all devices has been completely updated and is now streamlined and easier to use. New features like context menu and drag and drop make it easy to access and manage all of your items.

New Items Saved in Password Boss – We have added 15 new types of items that you can save in Password Boss allowing users to keep all of their important information in one secure location and available on any device.  Examples of some of the new type of passwords you can store include server, app and database logins. For Secure Notes we added several new types of Secure Notes including alarm codes, frequent flyer numbers, health insurance and software licenses.  In total there are now 28 different types of items you can store in Password Boss, the complete list is at the end of the post.



Emergency Access – With Emergency Access users can pre-designate who they would like to have access to their Password Boss account in the case of an emergency.  User can invite one or many people to have emergency access. Users can also grant full access to their entire Password Boss account or limit access to just a few items, the choice is up to the account holder and they can make changes any time they like. Emergency contacts will receive access either as soon as it is requested, or after a waiting period, the choice is up to the account holder.

Identities – Identities give users the ability to quickly fill out web pages, like checkout pages, with a single-click instead of having to enter information into each field manually. Users can also create multiple Identities for different uses, for example a user could create on Identity with their home shipping address and personal credit card, and another identity with a work address and a business credit card.  User can create as many identities as they need.



Folders – We have introduced Folders to allow users to group their items in any structure that makes sense for them, like Personal, Work, Games, Clients, etc. With the new views that were added users can switch between list views or folder views.



Shared Folders – The new Folder structure also allows user to easily share an entire folder of items with other people.  For example you could make a Folder for the marketing team that includes the logins for all of the websites the marketing team uses, the alarm code for the office security system, the DUNS number for the business, and all of the software licenses used by the team.  You can then share the entire folder of items with all of the team members.  As you add and change items in the shared folder those changes are sent to all of the team members as well.

Browser Extensions – The browser extensions have received a major upgrade in functionality and ease of use. Users can now access all of their saved items, not just websites, from the Password Boss browser extensions. Many users spend a large part of their day within their browsers and this functionality makes it easy for them to access the items they have stored in Password Boss without switching between apps. Users also have immediate access to add or edit any item saved in Password Boss. We have also included many updates to our matching algorythm to quickly identify and fill in web pages for users. The speed of the browser extensins has also been improved.


Opera Support – Users of the Opera browser are now able to use Password Boss in Opera.

Disable by Page or Domain – Users will now have the ability to turn Password Boss off on individual pages or for an entire site.

Color Coding – Users can now color-code their stored items.  With 28 different types of items stored in Password Boss, having the ability to color code your items makes it easier to find items.

Previous Passwords – As you update passwords on your accounts, your previous passwords are saved for you just in case you need them in the future. You can view or clear the list any time you like.

Note History – If you add a Note to any of the items you save in Password Boss, every time you make a change to the note the previous version is saved as well, just in case you need to go back to it.  As with passwords, you can clear the notes history at any time.

Security Score – The Security Score has been completely updated to give users a clear and concise view of the security of their passwords as well as steps that they can take to increase their online security.


Importing from other Password Managers – We have updated the process for users to move to Password Boss from other Password Managers.  The import process now imports all of the items users have saved in other supported password managers and that can be exported.  We will be continuing to add to the list of supported password managers users can import data from. The current password manager that we support inport from are: 1Password, Dashlane, Keepass, Lastpass, Roboform, SplashID.

Sharing Multiple Items – Users can now share multiple items at once. If the originator makes a change to one of the items, like updating the expiration date on a credit card, the changes are immediately sent to the recipient as well.

Share Center – The Share Center has received a complete upgrade and now makes it easier than ever to share items with other people, see what has been shared with you and to make changes to shares.

Complete list of items that can be saved in Password Boss

Passwords – Websites, Apps, Database, Email account, Instant messenger, Server, SSH Keys, Wi-Fi

Secure Notes – Alarm codes, driver’s license, estate plan, frequent flyer numbers, generic notes, health insurance info, hotel rewards program info, insurance info, member ID’s, passports, prescriptions, social security info, software licenses

Digital Wallet – Credit card, bank accounts

Personal Info – Addresses, company info, email addresses, names, phone numbers

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2 Responses to “Password Boss v2.0 Release Notes”

November 19, 2016 at 1:18 am, Jim said:

Love the new interface, but where can i find the Password Generator?


November 20, 2016 at 8:51 am, Steve Wise said:

Hi Jim

The password generator has been moved into the browser so that it is closer to where you will be using it. You can access the password generator in a couple of ways.

1. Within your browser, click the green Password Boss owl that is located by the right-hand end of the address bar. When you click the owl you will see a list of your saved passwords. If you click the “Menu” link you will go to the main menu. From here you can access all of your stored items in Password Boss and you have quick access to the most common functions like copying passwords or credit card numbers for example. On the menu there is an option to open the Password Generator and to create new passwords.

2. When you are on a website and are creating a new account on the website or changing your password on that site, Password Boss will show you prompts to help you save or update your login that is saved in Password Boss. For example when you are on a website and making a new account on a website, Password Boss will show you a prompt to save a new login to Password Boss, and will also show you the Password Generator. The same process happens when you need to change your password for a website – Password Boss will show you a prompt to create a new password and then show you the Password Generator.

One of the nice features of the Password Generator is that all password that you create with the Password Generator are saved so that you can go back and review them if needed. To access the list of passwords click on the “Tools” menus and then choose “Password History”. You can delete individual history items or clear the entire list at any time.


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