A Password Manager for the Rest of Us


A few years ago, I found myself in the unfortunate position of having to settle a family member’s estate. It is normally an onerous process, but it became even more so when it came time to access the family member’s online accounts. The passwords for those accounts were written on numerous scraps of paper and stored in many locations. This is when I realized there has to be a better solution for managing online accounts.

In searching for one, I found a few password managers on the market but very quickly understood that they were built by techies for savvy technical users. I browsed through all of the solutions I could find, but none were easy or friendly enough to convince everyday consumers, like my late family member, to use one.

Most people aren’t motivated to change their poor password habits. Despite the fact that four out of ten companies were hacked in 2014, most of us continue to use and reuse crackable passwords that are easy to remember, store passwords in unsafe places and rely too much on clicking “forgot password” links. As consumers, we want things to be easy, and that’s why we created Password Boss.

What is Password Boss and how is it different?

Password Boss a new free password manager and digital wallet designed for anyone who has trouble remembering their passwords. And that is almost every person that has online accounts. In fact, we surveyed consumers and found that 92 percent don’t currently use a password manager.

Password Boss is simple to use and gives consumers a superior level of control over how they manage their passwords and personal information. Unlike other products, we placed as much importance on ease-of-use as security and privacy. Here are just of few of the ways we achieved this.

Accuracy. When it comes to ease-of-use, accuracy matters. We know from our research that a password manager has to be able to auto-fill login credentials and forms on the vast majority of web sites. Each time it fails to do so for a consumer, a password manager becomes less useful. In building Password Boss, we’ve continually tested against thousands of web sites to make sure it works. As of now, Password Boss works on more than 90 percent of web sites. Our goal is to get as close to 100 percent as possible, and we want you to help. If you submit us a web site that’s not working, we’ll review it quickly and get that update out to our users almost immediately.

Sharing. Through our consumer survey, we also learned that 61 percent of consumers share passwords with family members. Most of the time they share it verbally or write it down. Making passwords easy to share is another reason we’re easier to use. We’re the only product that allows you to share any information that you have with anybody else. Other companies put limits on what you can share. We don’t. You know best what you want to share, so we let you share anything you want. We make it secure, but you pick who gets your information.

Global Storage. We’re empowering the users to put their secure data where they are comfortable with it being stored in different regions around the world. Consumers can choose to store their data in secure storage locations in the U.S., Europe, Asia or Australia, and move their data anytime they like. Nobody else offers this degree of control of their own data.

Beyond this, we are unique in the fact that we allow users of our free password manager to store an unlimited number of passwords. And the features provided through our premium product match up with all other products on the market, with the highest degree of security and privacy to keep your information safe.

So if you are among the 92 percent that has not tried a password manager, your wait is over. We invite you to download Password Boss now and start changing your password habits. Please let us know what you think!