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Password Boss is the easiest and securest way to share and manage passwords within your business.

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Affordable pricing for your entire team. 

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Your business can start using Password Boss right away without complicated training.

Advanced Security Features

Our security policies allow you to pick the right level of security for your business.

Access From All Devices

Your business has access to passwords and notes from any device, at any time.

Priority Support

We’re here to help you from on-boarding users to advanced security policies.

Premium Features

Includes all Premium features

Password Boss Business includes all of our Premium features to keep your business productive

Separate Profiles

Separate Storage For Business And Personal Items

Passwords used for business accounts are stored in separate Profiles for each business member. This provides centralized control for all business logins for usage reporting and password backups. Team members personal items are stored separately from business items and only the business member can access these items.

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Premium Features

Easy To Setup - Easy To Use

The admin console gives you full control to easily manage your business members and account.

Premium Features

Bring Security Best Practices To Your Business

Password Boss makes it easy for you to customize the level of security that is appropriate for your business. Security policies allow you to quickly choose from a set of security best practices that can be configured without an IT staff.

Setup Your Business
In 3 Minutes

No time-consuming setups or complicated instructions. Password Boss makes it easy to get your business setup so you can get back to work faster.

Serious About Security

The Password Boss security model is designed from the ground up to keep your information secure and private.

2-Factor Authentication

Increase the security of your business’s data by enabling 2-factor authentication for all members of your business. With 2-factor authentication enabled you can ensure that only your team can access their accounts, even if someone knows their master password.

End-To-End Encryption

Password Boss end-to-end encryption ensures that all data transmitted between your devices and Password Boss is inaccessible to anyone in the middle. An additional layer of security using certificate pinning prevents someone from impersonating Password Boss to steal your data.

Enterprise Grade Security

All user data stored in Password Boss is encrypted using AES-256 and PBKDF2, with a unique key that is created from each users master password. Neither the key nor the master password are stored locally or sent to the Password Boss servers. Without knowing a users master password it is not possible to access a user’s private data.

Secure Cloud Storage

Password Boss automatically creates an encrypted copy of each user’s data and saves it to a secure cloud storage location. Cloud storage is available on servers worldwide and can be moved any time you like. The information within the backed-up data is completely inaccessible to anyone without the unique Master Password for each user account.

Role Based Access

Assign different roles to your business members to setup and manage your business. Use the admin console to add and change users and roles at any time.

Advanced security policies

A full set of security policies allows you to easily fine tune the security to meet your business’s needs. Make changes whenever you need without needing to call the IT department.

Theft protection

If a business member loses a phone or a laptop the remote delete function will automatically delete any encrypted user data stored on that device if someone tries to access the Password Boss application.

Secure sharing

Sharing passwords and digital notes with your business is done by encrypting the data using 2048 bit RSA key pairs. This ensures that no unencrypted data is ever sent between business members or stored on the Password Boss servers.

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