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25 Life-Changing Productivity Tools for Your Business

For small business owners, “wearing multiple hats” isn’t just an expression. It’s a daily reality, driven by the need to act not just as a visionary product or service developer, […]

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Using Slack? Make Sure You Cover These 5 Security Risks

For Slack’s 8M+ daily users, the chat system represents more than just a communications tool. It also functions as a digital water cooler for company gossip, a channel for the […]

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Password Boss v2.0 Release Notes

Released November 15, 2016 Summary Completely updated UI on all platforms – PC, iOS and Android Lots of great new features More accurate form filling on web pages Synchronization between […]

It's Hard to Change Bad Habits - The Same is True with Passwords
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It’s Hard to Change Bad Habits – The Same is True With Passwords

Over the past few years we’ve seen a constant barrage of breaches at well-known companies like Target, Home Depot and Anthem Health, and the risk of being hacked is now […]

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