Security on the go

Access your passwords at any time, from any device.

Mobile access for people on the go

Our free mobile app allows you to access all of your usernames and passwords from your phone. This enables you to safely log into websites and apps from wherever you are without the hassle of forgetting your information. Our free mobile app also provides you with full access to your credit card and personal information making it fast and easy to place orders from the palm of your hand.

All the features you need

Secure access

The free Password Boss mobile app is protected by the same bank grade encryption and security features as our desktop app. Only you have access to your stored information.

Unlimited Passwords

The free Password Boss mobile app allows you to add as many usernames and passwords as you want without fear of forgetting them.

Easy to use

Small mobile screens can make logging into a website a tedious and time consuming task. The free Password Boss mobile app automatically fills in login fields so that you can quickly access the information you’re looking for.