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Password Boss makes it easy to use a strong and unique password for every website. Simply remember your Master Password and Password Boss will automatically fill in your unique username and password on any login screen.

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Bank Grade Encryption With Password Boss

Bank-Grade Encryption

Password Boss is built with 256bit AES encryption which is the same level of security used by major banks and governments. This is the type of encryption that is routinely used for protecting highly sensitive and personal information since this form of encryption has never been cracked. Rest assured, only you have access to your data.

Local Decryption

All of the information that you store in Password Boss is encrypted and decrypted locally. This means that sensitive data is never transmitted without being fully secured and Password Boss never has access to your usernames, passwords or account details.

Local Decryption With Password Boss
2 Step Authentication With Password Boss

2-Step Verification

Password Boss adds an extra layer of security to your information by adding a 2-step verification process. Simply enter your Master Password and a rotating six digit code from your mobile phone whenever you use Password Boss to ensure you’re the only one accessing your account.

Secure Sharing

Password Boss makes it easy to securely share your information with people you trust. You have complete control over who receives the information as well as how long they have access to it.

Secure Sharing With Password Boss
Secure Cloud Backups

Secure Cloud Backups

Password Boss automatically backs up an encrypted copy of your data to a secure cloud storage location. If a device is lost or stolen, simply download the app to your new device, enter your Master Password, and all of your information will sync within seconds.


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