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Passwords made easy

Staying secure online means using strong and unique pass­words for every website. Password Boss makes it easy – just remember one master password, and all your unique usernames and passwords will be entered for you.

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Bank-grade security keeps you safe

Password Boss uses multiple layers of bank-grade security. Your master password is the only way to access your data, and it’s never stored or transmitted anywhere.

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Access your passwords from anywhere

Easily sync your account across all of your devices for easy access to your passwords and personal data wherever you go.

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Emergency Access give you peace of mind

Designate someone who can access your account in case of an emergency. You retain full control over your account.

Faster online checkouts

Save time and skip the hassle of online forms. Simply select the information you want to use and Password Boss will autofill the checkout form for you.

Even more security measures

In addition to bank-grade security, Password Boss takes extra security measures to keep your information secure and private.


Remote delete lets you quickly erase data from a lost or stolen device, without losing a secure backup copy.

Security alerts and scores

Audit your account with security scores and receive instant notification of security breaches.

Layers of security

Use 2-step verification to ensure unrecognized devices can’t access your account without your permission.

Secure financial transactions

Set websites to auto-launch in the Secure Browser with Password Boss’s anti-malware technology to guarantee your financial transactions remain private.

Sharing made simple

Need to share a credit card with a family member or give your team the password for a project? Password Boss enables you to easily share your information with the people you trust. You can even set an expiration date for the items you share.

Choose where to save your data

Customize your security by selecting where you would like to store your encrypted data. Choose from secure locations in the U.S., Europe, Asia, or Australia. You can move your data whenever you want for ultimate control.


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