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It’s Hard to Change Bad Habits – The Same is True With Passwords

Over the past few years we’ve seen a constant barrage of breaches at well-known companies like Target, Home Depot and Anthem Health, and the risk of being hacked is now […]

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A Free Password Manager for College Students

When kids go off to college, they are faced with a whole new level of independence and personal responsibility. College students are among the consumers living most of their lives […]

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A Look at Password Sharing Habits

Commons aspects of our digital lifestyles include paying bills online, shopping with our mobile phones or allowing a houseguest to use our home Wi-Fi network. Quite often, these activities require […]

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Safe Surfing! When and How to Use a Secure Browser

As we all know, surfing the Internet is now a consistent activity in our day-to-day life. We use it to check social media, bank accounts and read news articles, but […]

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