Password Boss Offers Seamless Compatibility with Windows 10


Windows 10 was released today and general consensus from reviewers is that it’s a must-have. After all the problems with the Windows 8.1 operating system, Windows 10 is a welcome update. Given all the positive buzz surrounding this version and the fact that it’s offered free of charge, we expect most Microsoft users to upgrade quickly.

As Password Boss users, you may be wondering how upgrading to Windows 10 will affect use of our product. We’re happy to report that Password Boss is fully compatible with Windows 10. Once you upgrade to the newest version of Windows, Password Boss automatically takes care of the rest. All of Password Boss’ features remain the same, which means you can forget your passwords thanks to our Password Vault, skip the hassle at checkout with our Digital Wallet and take your data with you with synchronization across devices – all while relying on the same level of security used by major banks.

At Password Boss our main focus is providing you with a password manager that is easy to use, even if you’re not a tech whiz. We aim to save our users as many headaches as possible and making Password Boss seamlessly compatible with Windows 10 is just another example of our commitment to that goal.