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Do You Have Data Breach Fatigue?

Last week we discussed some of the results from our survey, conducted by Harris Interactive. We asked 2,030 U.S. consumers about their password habits and found that most consumers really […]

PC Magazine Gives Password Boss an ‘Excellent’ Rating
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PC Magazine Gives Password Boss an ‘Excellent’ Rating

With the increasing frequency of data breaches that affect everyday consumers such as yourself – from Home Depot to Neiman Marcus to Anthem Health – there is growing awareness around […]

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Healthcare Data Breaches—Who’s Been Affected and What Can You Do?

What’s your biggest concern about visiting your doctor? For many, it’s the chance of facing needles. In this era of electronic medical records, however, that concern may be shifting to […]

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Is memorizing passwords the easiest way to manage them?

This was one of the questions we had when we decided to work with the good folks at Harris Interactive to survey 2,030 U.S. consumers on their password habits. We […]

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