Top 5 Reasons You Need A Password Manager


Did you know that only 8% of consumers use a password manager product to manage their online account passwords? Most people really have no system to manage their passwords other than memorizing them or jotting them down on paper. When password management can be such a simple process, why would you even chance putting yourself at risk for having your accounts compromised?

To better help you understand how password managers are safe, easy and effective, here are our top five reasons why using a password manager should become one of your most essential digital tools:

1. It’s easy.

With a password manager, you are no longer faced with the hassle of trying to remember all of your account details, passwords and personal information. Once an account is set up, you only need your master password to access all information and experience a simple and streamlined login and checkout process. The master password is the only way to access data within an account, and is only known to you.

 2. It’s safe.

Password managers provide you with the highest level of security. Most tools have bank-grade security, such as 256-bit AES encryption , meaning that only you have access to your data. This type of security is proven to be secure and has never been cracked. Password managers also feature 2-step verification as an additional layer of security.

3. It’s like your own security advisor.

Data breaches are a frequent occurrence for companies and consumers, and it’s time-consuming to scan the daily news for possible data breaches that may affect us. Password managers, however, do monitor these incidents and notify you with real-time notifications and actionable advice. This allows you to quickly change your passwords for specific accounts that may have been compromised.

4. They save you time.

The amount of time that is saved when you only need to remember one master password can be invaluable. Being able to store an unlimited number of passwords and personal information, and the ability for automatic form filling lets you bypass the tedious process of tracking down or trying to remember specific login information in order to complete online forms.

5. You CAN take it with you

Available on almost any device, it is easy to leverage your password manager from any personal device you choose. Password managers typically offer synchronization across devices, allowing for personal information entered through a desktop to be leveraged on a smartphone almost instantaneously. This provides ease-of-use for shopping on the go, or checking your bank account on your desktop instead of mobile.


Password managers offer a simple solution to the hassle of having to remember your passwords and entering them on each site. Whether it’s checking in to Facebook or checking out at your favorite retail store, password managers offer a way to streamline those tasks in a secure and backed-up environment. So, what’s stopping you from using a password manager?