api defs: 
array(11) { ["levels_url"]=> string(47) "https://api.passwordboss.com/subscription/level" ["invitation_url"]=> string(39) "https://api.passwordboss.com/invitation" ["sms_url"]=> string(32) "https://api.passwordboss.com/sms" ["email_url"]=> string(34) "https://api.passwordboss.com/email" ["api_user"]=> string(23) "public@passwordboss.com" ["api_password"]=> string(25) "6134Z80YE7853X15GJ6961l6K" ["ios_url"]=> string(81) "https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/password-boss-free-password/id964456554?ls=1&mt=8" ["android_url"]=> string(70) "https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.passwordboss.android" ["mac_url"]=> string(63) "https://install.passwordboss.com/mac/PasswordBoss-Installer.pkg" ["windows_url"]=> string(50) "https://install.passwordboss.com/Password_Boss.exe" ["others_url"]=> string(37) "https://www.passwordboss.com/download" }
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	string(7) "Windows"

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