Give your entire team access—without sharing passwords

Enable team members to easily access sites, apps, files, drives and more
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Powerful password management

The Power of One

Each team member has one password to sign in to Password Boss—which gives them access to the sites, apps, and files you want. Edit their permissions and with just a few clicks.

Share Safely

No more passing passwords through Slack, email or Skype. No more losing track of passwords when employees move on.

Keep Your Team Productive

Easy password sharing means that your team has access to the passwords and accounts that they need—when they need it

Adios passwords,
hello access

Add and remove users, setup groups, and add security options like 2-step verification all from one centralized admin console.

How Password Boss protects your passwords

While we’re called Password Boss, the truth is that passwords are exactly what we eliminate from your team’s daily workload. Once they’re signed in to Password Boss they get instant access to the sites and data they need to do their jobs— without having to have a laundry list of passwords to remember and enter.

256-Bit AES Encryption

256-Bit AES Encryption protects your data with the same level of security used by banks and governments. AES has never been cracked.

One Master Password

One Master Password means that only you have access to the individual passwords for each site, app, file or other data source.

Two-factor login

Two-factor login Not even Password Boss has access to your saved passwords.

Built specifically for the needs of your team

Security on every device

Desktop and mobile, with Password Boss your entire team is covered on every device they use.

Keep continuity

Say goodbye to lost or forgotten passwords. No more calls to support or the IT guy to keep your team working.

Strengthen every password

Password Boss creates unique, uncrackable passwords that are different for every site.

Support ASAP

We’re here to help you from on-boarding users to advanced security policies.

Stay safe with secure cloud storage

Password Boss automatically creates an encrypted copy of each user’s data and saves it to a secure cloud storage location. Cloud storage is available on servers worldwide and can be moved any time you like.

Separate storage for team and personal items

Passwords used for business accounts are stored in Profiles for each team member. Team members personal items are stored separately from business items and only the team member can access these items.

Set up your entire team in just 3 minutes (no kidding)

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